Today I tried installing the Windows 8 consumer preview. My experience so far is that Windows 8 offers more of what we’ve seen from Microsoft in the past two decades..

That could actually work as a slogan.. Windows 8: Something happened.

EDIT: I posted this much too prematurely . While the consumer preview gave me a hard time, I was able to install the Windows 8 release preview with no problem. Not only did the installation process run smoothly, but apparently Windows 7 owners can upgrade to Windows 8 without having to burn anything to a DVD, and keep pretty much all programs and settings exactly as they were before. But now in the Windows 8 shell. Upgrading to a new windows version has never been this easy, and I’m amazed how well it works. Even though, to be fair, this is the sort of feature that should have been a part of Windows since day one… But still.

So I am going to have a lot of fun playing around with all the new feature, and post a real first impression soon. Not sure how long this release preview can be used. I’m guessing a month or so, or otherwise, all the way until Windows actually hits the stores.

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