Hi, My name is PaweĊ‚.
I design and develop websites and more.
Check it out:

Meet app website

https://meet-app.io is a website I made for the promotion of the newest progressive web app by open source software creator Kopano. I also created a product video to showcase the app's features.



Kopano company website

Kopano showcases its open source groupware products on kopano.com. For people unkown with the company, this is usually the first encounter with Kopano. In other words, an opportunity for Kopano to build trust, and generate interest in their products.



Office print

The Kopano office is decorated with wall art that is similar to the printed materials used on events and conferences. One example is a graphical overview of all the Kopano products.

Kopano conference 2017 website

For the Kopano conference in 2017, I created a website where visitors could see event data such as the program, where they could book tickets, and get excited about the event.


Kopano roadmap brochure

The Kopano Roadmap is a living document for partners, in which they can see an overview of future plans for all of Kopano's prodcuts. It's a brochure available digitally and in printed form.

Download roadmap:


Kopano community website

Kopano.io is the community hub where Kopano offers resources, downloads, and documentation. It's where users Kopano's open source software can go to get started.