On January 11, I took this screenshot of the KLM website. I forgot all about it until I was cleaning out my desktop today. It still makes me laugh.

klm website

The site was clearly designed with large monitors in mind. The netbook that this screenshot was taken on has a resolution of 1024px by 600px. The start bar is pinned to the left side of the screen, which is good, because I use a few toolbars and plugins in firefox that eat up a lot of horizontal space. This is not an issue for most sites, but KLM had decided to fix the header in place, so that the only part of the page that could be scrolled, was a tiny sliver of the body at the bottom.

The resulting page size that displayed the super cheap flights that KLM was advertising, had a height of a whopping 97px! And that is saying it kindly, because the main menu that hovered in the center top of the content area, took off an additional 28 pixels.

It’s amazing how much web usability has improved ever since Apple started its offense on flash.