Just as the muscle ache was subsiding from running last years half marathon, I went out to do it again.

It now occurs to me that getting my first lvl60 Diablo 3 character was perhaps not that much of an achievement as it first seemed. Not compared to today’s two hours and six minutes of hard, hard struggle.

So that was my finishing time this year: 2:06:31. It is surprisingly close to last years result: 2:05:59. In one year time I only got a half minute slower, but I had a much smaller allowance of time for training too. Mostly due to my little one. But he can make up for it in a few years by joining competitions with daddy (:

I was looking at that finishing time though and thinking if there was any way in which I could have just pushed a little bit more and beaten my old personal best. But no, there’s no way. Today I really gave it every bit of effort, and I’m proud of the time. When I arrived at the finish line I was ready to fall onto the grass and just lay there for an hour. Unfortunately the grass was wet, so that didn’t happen.. I did overhear two guys talking afterwards:

Guy 1: Hey man, how did the run go for you?
Guy 2: Good. What about you?
Guy 1: I have never known such pain in my life…

Ha ha ha. It sounds dramatic, but everyone who participated pushed themselves really hard. So even though I enjoy jogging as a solo sport, it is great to be part of this kind of event, with this kind of people.