Kandersteg is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I love moountains, and I love trees, and that’s basically what Kandersteg is made of. Here are some images I took there this summer.

Sigma sd15 with 15-30 lens (I wish my old sd14 still worked. The colors were so much better with that camera. Well… I shouldn’t say better. The colors were so much more Sigma with that camera. In the upgraded sd15 images have lost some of their magic 3dish quality.)

Canon 5D with some old 28-80 zoom (One day I’ll put a canon foot on the the SA 24-70mm that I have laying around).

Canon 5D

There aren’t a lot of pictures that I took without family members in them, so these will have to do for now. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back there again one day. And perhaps next time I’ll have a better lens on the Canon, and a functioning Sigma sd14 with me!