This is a little hack of the Smena T43 lens mounted on a sd14.

Sigma sd14 with t43 lens

The basic concept is pretty simple. I stuck some Tesa strips on top of each other and put them on the lens itself. That gave me enough space to stick a cut out bank card on top of them. As you can see, the card was cut to resemble a Sigma Sa mount. Also, I jammed a piece of plastic in the spring which would otherwise reset the shutter lever.

t43 lens hack

I’m not sure what the appropriate flange distance has to be, so this hack offers no infinity focus. But the lens is usable as a cute little macro.

At f4, the image is a bit soft, but overall quality is not as bad as you might think it would be.

Update: I took a quick look at the actual Smena 8M camera, and posted some sample shots.