Pictures from Bruges 2010. After seeing the movie In Bruges, we decided it was time to see this place ourselves.


Supposedly, Brudges is the closest thing one can get to visit a real life fantasy town, and certainly the old part of town does look magical. What spoils it a bit are the hords of tourists, tourist shops, and in our case the autumn weather.

In Bruges we saw chocolate store after chocolate store. Not to mention all the places where they sold delicious Belgian waffles. While these establishments take away from the magic of the town, we found ourselves entering as many stores as possible. The chocolate was delicious, but the wafles were simply the best in the world.

Bruges chocolate store

To make up for the excessive eating of sweets, we set off for a chilling late night walk, and found that the magic of Bruges is as strong, or stronger after sundown as during daytime.

Bruges at night Bruges at night 2 Bruges swan in the park