Kopano showcases its open source groupware products on kopano.com. For people unkown with the company, this is usually the first encounter with Kopano. In other words, an opportunity for Kopano to build trust, and generate interest in their products.


How can we interest new visitors to try Kopano groupware products, and provide existing customers with updates and valuable information? Also, what can we do generate traffic, and fasciciltate new leads on their customer journey?


I created modern graphics and added many new pages to display Kopano’s expertise and build trust with visitors. I also added nearly a hundred forms for lead generation and newsletter subscribers, and optimized the site to load as fast as possible.


  • Migrated old Drupal 6 to WordPress
  • Created new graphics and screenshots
  • Created Mautic / Hubspot forms for lead generation
  • Sent Mailchimp newsletters
  • Did A/B tests and measure results with Analytics and heatmaps