Meet is the newest progressive web app by open source software creator Kopano. It’s designed to let users make voice calls, video calls, and screen share, without having to install or download anything.


Kopano is well known in the open-source community for their Groupware software. With the release of the new Meet app, the challenge was to promote Meet to users unfamiliar with Kopano, and compell them to give it a try.


I created a mini-site with appealing graphics and a strong focus on showing off the app: show a live demo, a product video, screenshots, and talk about common use cases. Also, make it as easy to try as possible.


  • Define target audience
  • Define technical specifications
  • Responsive webdesign
  • Webdevelopment (HTML, CSS)
  • Purchase forms with Hubspot and Zapier
  • Create video (from script to execution)
  • GDPR complience using Cookiebot