The Kopano Conference was a yearly recurring event for 100+ partners and employees, and was held at a different location each year.


Kopano needed promotional material for dressing up the 2017 conference. The materials included signs for way finding, posters with the program, folders with business information, and more. The styling had to be in line with the conference website. The intention was to re-use some of the material, and take pictures during the event for marketing purposes further up in the coming year.


I visited the location for the conference, and made suggestions for the materials that would be required to make the event a success. I designed a large number of various products, including posters, signage, books, folders, business cards, and more. All products followed the same design language. I also performed the role of photographer during the event.


  • Graphic design
  • Style guide
  • Ordering print materials
  • Photography