Lilac Temptress is a WordPress website I made for Elizabeth Davis, as a promotional tool for her newest ebook.


Customer profile
Elizabeth Davis is a debut author, who has just released her first historical American novel. She is active on several forums and social media channels, and needed a home base to point any interested readers towards.

I was asked to create a promotional website to feature the Lilac Temptress novel. The website needed to contain a blog, twitter stream, book excerpt, background information about the author, and a contact form. I was allowed a lot of freedom with the design, as the only request was to have certain features of the cover re-appear on the website.

The logical choice for a site like this was WordPress, as the blog functionality was in place out of the box, and all other static pages could easily be added. Also, while WordPress already has a very streamlined backend, I chose to further simplify it, by hiding certain unnecessary features.

I chose to design the website around the text, keeping in mind that text was of course the most important part of this project. I kept all flourishes to a minimum, and only emphasized a call to action button, that allowed visitors to order the book. A subtle touch to the design, was the parchment pattern on the background, which I got from the excellent

Though the Lilac Temptress website only has a handful of pages, I was able to include a number of exciting features into the mix, including;
– Interactive call to action button
– Social media buttons and tweetstream
– Dynamic “Return to top” button that reacts on the users position on the site
– Customizable contact form with validation
– Animated hover on book cover

Applied Skills
– Design
– Social media integration
– Javascript
– WordPress